The last legs of SEO?

“SEO is Dead!” is the cry of many a marketer in the digital field.

What I believe they mean is “The SEO I’m used to is becoming less effective than paid optimisation and that’s really pissing me off”.

Bear with me on this one.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO is a term whose definition is dependent on who is saying it. As Sam McRoberts, of VUDU Marketing states:

“If, when you say SEO, what you really mean is manipulating search engines to place sites that don’t really deserve to rank well at the top of the SERPs … SEO, at its heart, is the process of making websites more accessible and understandable to search engines. It shouldn’t be, and really doesn’t need to be, manipulative.”

The differences in these definitions really point to what the complainer is getting out of their attempts at SEO. For those wanting to share ideas and reach the people that may be looking for the product that they are offering, SEO is 100% necessary. There is a continuous snowballing of competition for search terms and as the online market becomes more competitive, then it does become harder to compete within it. Such is the nature of, well… everything generally.

The main concern with SEO is that more effort is required to allow users to find organic information amongst sponsored results. The sheer number of sponsored results is resulting in educated users not being fully aware of the presence of sponsored posts, especially on mobile platforms (read, here).

The cries of the death of SEO come from those who once sold things simply by being the top result on google when you searched for “insurance” or “cheapest flights”. But users are becoming more aware of the fact that google is merely a platform for their information search, not another family/friend to recommend. Companies still need their customers to reach and recommend – SEO is not a synonym of good word of mouth.

So my friends, here I point out: yeah, it might be getting harder to sell things with SEO. But as much as it may be a controversial opinion, the internet is not just there to sell things. It’s there to allow people the opportunity to find information, see others opinions, and discover the personality of a brand. And you better be damn sure that you’re available for your customers to find such things or you won’t stand a chance.

Please see below for a few of the claims about SEO and some questions to ask. What are claims you’ve heard? What concerns do you have about SEO techniques as you head to enter the workplace?

death-of-seo.pngInfographic from here


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